Here's where I'll be at and what I'll be doing.

11th February 2016 - We are Most Amused, The Vic, Northampton.

6th March 2016 -  Defying Gravity: Scientific Accuracy in Cinema: a panel, part of the Watersprite Festival, Cambridge. Featuring Dr. Andrew Lever (Cambridge Infectious Diseases) and Dr. Carolin Crawford (Institute of Astronomy).

25- 28 March 2016 - Attending Mancunicon, Manchester.


Saturday 26th March: The BSFA Awards.

Sunday 27th March: If you don't scream you'll laugh. Panel with Piers Buckley, Sarah Pinborough, Ramsey Campbell and Charlie Stross.

15th April 2016 - Comedy at Luton Hat Factory.

29th April 2016 - Comedy at Chucklepit, The Horse Shoe, Wellingborough.

12th May 2016 - Comedy at We are Most Amused, The Victoria Inn, Northampton. 

26th May 2016 - Comedy at Earls Barton WMC - supporting Damian Kingsley.

27th May 2016 - Comedy at NN Café Northampton - supporting Damian Kingsley

29th May 2016 - Old Comedian Heat, Museum of Comedy, Undercroft, London. 

24th June 2016 - Peasant Pens Launch Event, The Arts Lab, Northampton.

25th June 2016 - BSFA/SFF Mini convention and AGM, London. Special guests Liz Williams and David A. Hardy.

26th August 2016 - Comedy at The National Brewery Centre, Burton on Trent

23-26 September 2016 - Attending Fantasycon by the Sea, Scarborough

4-6 November 2016 - Attending Bcon - Eurocon Barcelona


Here's where I was and what I did.



12th January 2015 - comedy at the Road House, Birmingham

15th January 2015 - comedy at the Beer House, Market Harborough

7th March 2015 - Appearing at the Guildhall, Northampton for International Women's Day

19th - 22nd March 2015 - attending Scifi Weekender, Hafan y Mor

28th March 2015 - Comedy at The Lytehouse, Brixham

3-6 April 2015. Appearing at Dysprosium, Park Inn, London Heathrow. BSFA Awards and Editorial Workshop.

9th April 2015 - The Lamplighter, Northampton

18th April 2015 - The Wollaston Inn (aka The Nags Head) , Wollaston, Northampton

20th April 2015 - Guest speaker at Keele Writing Fair.

27th April 2015 Old Comedian Competition, Cooper Room at Museum of Comedy, London

2nd May 2015 Private function

6th June 2015, BSFA & SFF Mini-con and AGM with Brian Aldiss and Pat Cadigan.

10th July 2015 MCing for Ed Aczel at the NN Café, Northampton

11th July 2015 Lavecon, Sedgebrook Hall, Northampton

17th July 2015 MCing for Mo Shapiro: Victoria Wood and Me, NN Cafe, Northampton

24th July 2015 Chuckle Pit, The Horse Shoe Inn, Wellingborough

2nd August 2015 The Bardic Fair, The Pomfret Arms, Northampton

6th August 2015 Comedy at Mortified: Whenever Bar Orchard St, Tamworth

13th August 2015 We are Most Amused, The Lamplighter, Northampton

15-16 August 2015 The Umbrella Fair, Racecourse, Northampton

18th September 2015 The Atrocity Exhibition, NN Cafe, Northampton

24th September 2015 Comedy at The Hollybush, Cradley

23-25 October 2015 - attending Fantasycon, Nottingham:

23rd October 2015 - 7pm Panel: Funtasy: Comedy and Humour in Fantasy and Science Fiction

8pm -The Atrocity Exhibition.

7th November 2015 - launch of Shattered Prism, the Book and Kitchen, London:

"A discussion panel examining Western, Amero-centric ideals and narrative models that have dominated the SF field for decades. The panel will delve into the state of modern SF publishing, it's obsession with formulaic Hollywood models dominated by traditional Western tropes and the classic good vs evil paradigm, and how the micro, small and mid-sized presses are working to bridge the gap. The panel will also touch on how the New Wave movement of the mid 1960s to 1970s tried to challenge SF tradition, and offer ideas and solicit suggestions on how readers might be "retrained"."

20th November 2015 - Gags on the Green, Peterborough.

26th November 2015 - Puns and Giggles, The Pomfret Arms, Northampton

4th December 2015: Speaking of Stars; Science Fiction Writers Discuss the Future of Humans in Space. with Ian Whates, Stephanie Saulter and Jaine Fenn. NN Contemporary Art Gallery, 9 Guildhall Road Northampton 7pm

10th December - comedy - We are Most Amused, The Victoria Inn, Northampton.

17th December - Comedy at Two Brewers, Olney